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So What differentiates an exceptional student from a good student?
At NLCS Jeju, we understand that merely learning isn’t enough, and that it’s what students can do beyond the curriculum that differentiates them from everyone else. That’s why we offer an exceptional Co-curricular programme with almost 150 different activities and academic societies to choose from every week. We encourage students to try something new and take opportunities to discover new passions. As well as helping them grow and develop, it’s these additional skills, passions and interests that the world’s best universities look for when selecting their students. 

The Performing Arts is a particular strength of NLCS Jeju with concerts, plays, musicals and art exhibitions running throughout the year and building to a week long Arts Festival at the end of the summer term, where professionals from around the world are invited to the NLCS Jeju campus to work with our students and staff.

The co-curricular programme is supported by a full range of trips, both domestically and abroad. Trips to neighbouring countries as well as far further afield, including the US and the UK, are common place, as are multiple trips on the island itself and visits to the mainland, either for sports fixtures or for other events of educational value.

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